Donovan and Lisa’s Intimate Backyard Wedding

May 8th, 2013

Backyard Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor weddings are a gamble. Outdoor weddings in Colorado are a bigger gamble. Outdoor weddings in Colorado and in April are probably the biggest gamble of all.

The week leading up to Lisa and Donovan’s big day was snowy. Not just a little snow, but a lot of snow. I really thought I would be photographing their backyard wedding in my snowboarding gear. But the wedding day saints were on their side. The sky was clear for most of the day, the temperatures were perfect, and their intimate gathering went off without a hitch. A few rain drops were taken care of by the bride pitching in to set up a tent. The iPad kept playing tunes through speakers wrapped in plastic and the Maker’s Mark kept flowing.

I know I say this after every wedding, but it really did feel as though I was long-time friends with Lisa and Donovan. In fact some of the guests thought I’ve been friends with them for a while. Nope, I met them in January. Once. This was a true testament to how genuine these two really are toward everything and everyone.

Witnessing their approach to the wedding was refreshing. Their choice to focus on what is truly important proved to me yet again that extravagance doesn’t equate to importance. Because when you boil it down all that is important to their relationship was represented: their love, the inclusion of Donovan’s kids into the marriage, 40 of their closest friends and family witnessing their vow, and what is perhaps the coolest wedding cakes ever.

I had a blast photographing this one and getting to know a little more about these two. I wish them the best of luck and appreciate them trusting me!



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