Joshua Buck’s favorite photos of 2012

December 20th, 2012

Denver Wedding Style Photography

Oh, the places we’ve photographed this year.

Our work has taken us to the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming, to the Bayou and the French Quarter in New Orleans, to awesome weddings in Denver, intimate weddings in Boulder, fancy clubs in Aspen, and some pretty fun portraits squeezed in as well. That’s a lot of mileage, a lot of images, and maybe just a couple late night drinking in hotel rooms. (Did we mention we like Maker’s Mark?) Despite the locations they all have the same common denominator –– super cool people.

It’s also been a lot of change.

Earlier this year I left behind my newspaper day job to put all my time and energy into Joshua & Co. Photography. This move has given me not only more time to spend with my family, but weekdays to fly fish and now snowboard. I even joined a gym and go nearly everyday. It’s given me time to really invest in editing my work, network with other business people, and plan a bit more for documenting those big moments. The change has also reaffirmed affinity of photography. Oh, and I got glasses so I can see. A pretty cool thing for a photographer!

Editing this work was pleasurable for me. While they’re maybe not the best, they’re moments I remember and definitely moments that made me smile at the time. Now, I won’t bore you with more words, incoherent sentences or bad grammer. I’ll let the images, which are in no particular order, speak for themselves.

Love them or hate them? Drop us a note or comment below; we’d love to hear from you.

Wedding Photography at Arapahoe Basin

Tieg Weathers and Marie Engdahl in Laramie, Wyoming

Tieg Weathers and Marie Engdahl in Laramie, Wyoming

Rebecca Cronin and Adrian Johnson Engagement Session

Silver-Creek-High-School-Prom 2012

Jim Hamm Nature Area Family Portrait



Louisiana Swamp Tour, Aligators, Wildlife, Airboat, Spanish Moss

Louisiana Swamp Tour, Aligators, Wildlife, Airboat, Spanish Moss




Kim Worrell and Bowdy Holm Engagement Rocky Mountain National Park

Vista Ridge High School Senior Aaron Mayfield

Ellicott High School Senior Portrait Ashlee Lenz

Katie and Jeff's Roaring Fork Club Wedding

Katie and Jeff's Roaring Fork Club Wedding

Ralph and Paige Coors Field Wedding in Denver

Boulder County Engagement Portrait

Shaun and Richard Eisenhower Chapel at Lowery

Chris Mayfield and Maria Grundmann at Shove Chapel


Kim Worrell and Bowdy Holm Loveland Wedding

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2 Responses to “Joshua Buck’s favorite photos of 2012”

  1. Billie Rich says:

    I’m so glad I discovered you through my friend Lisa at her wedding. I love ,and am inspired by your work. These are fun photos 🙂 Still embarrassed at myself for bringing my shiny new camera to her wedding, but grateful for your kindness, and glad I didn’t (I don’t think) sabotage any of your photos. Congratulations on a great business and a great site!

    • Joshua Buck says:

      Thanks so much for taking a look and never, ever be embarrassed to bring a camera anywhere! Keep snappin’ away. – JB

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