Longmont Christian School Senior Portrait

December 3rd, 2012

Joe Leetch Senior Portrait

Meet Joe.

Joe plays basketball and football for the Warriors at Longmont Christian School.  When we met a few months back the light was fading quickly, due to a cloudy sky and a late start. So when we left McIntosh Lake in the dark I suggested we maybe shoot another day to add a bit of variety. At least we had our yearbook photo done. He took me up on that offer and a couple weeks ago we met at the local football field to capture some nice photos of his other passion.

About half way through our last session I noticed Joe wasn’t smiling much. I am always conscious that I ask the person I’m photographing if they’re ok, you know comfortable, etc. Our goal is to make this fun rather than torture. He assured me he was doing fine, he just wanted to go for the tough guy football player look. I shouldn’t have asked, because then it happened –– he couldn’t stop smiling. We had to revert to the old “OK, on the count of three…wipe-that-smile-off-your-face, trick.” Not sure it worked so well, but at least it wasn’t as torturous at pulling someone’s finger nails out.


Joe Leetch Basketball Senior Portrait

Joe Leetch football senior portrait

Joe Leetch of Longmont Christian School Football


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  1. Great job making him look like a man not a little boy as many do when they do male senior portraits.

    • Joshua Lawton says:

      Thanks for looking at our work, Ed. I’ve seen a few like you’re talking about as well. It helps when the senior has some input and feedback to guide what they want to look like!

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