Approach, Philosophy & FAQ

David and Rebekah Hubbard's Greenbriar Inn wedding Congratulations!

Let us be frank – We love peoples’ stories and we love photography.

Who are we?

Joshua Buck and Joshua Lawton –– or ‘The Joshes’ (as we’re often called) –– are photojournalists with real life journalism experience. Documenting the true love and joy as it unfolds in the lives’ of our clients is nothing to be taken lightly. We take pride in our work and understand the responsibility we’re  handed with each and every commission. Nothing is more beautiful than the real moments between two people in love and we feel lucky to capture that feeling.

We rely on our experience as daily newspaper and freelance photojournalists to document your day. While many photographers say they have a ‘photojournalism style’ when photographing weddings, that’s all we bring, well, because that’s all we know.

How do we work with you?

On your wedding day stress is the last thing you need. We’re not pushy and will help guide you through the process of becoming comfortable in front of our cameras. We avoid determining the order of events throughout your day. Rather, we are prepared to document those moments as they unfold. We’re big on preparation and will work closely with you and your planner so we have an idea of where to be and when. The beauty with us both having journalism backgrounds is we’re very used to walking into the unknown and letting our creativity flow.

What’s included in the price?

Well, don’t look at it as though your buying tires for the car. You’re investing hard earned cash for us to create a visual record that can be enjoyed for generations. We don’t nickel and dime you over albums, time restrictions, or engagement portraits. That’s right, unlike many other firms, we provide two, professional, competent and passionate photographers all day long. You tell us when to start, when to finish and we’ll capture everything in between. Download our digital brochure here.

The main thing to realize is that once your day is over your photographs are one of the very few tangible items you’ll keep forever, besides your lovely spouse!

Engagement photos are included?

Did we mention we don’t nickle and dime you? Yes, they’re included. Engagement portraits are not just snapshots. Rather, they are a series of photos that reflect who you are as a person and more importantly who you two are as a couple. We strive to illuminate your character and capture real moments in a controlled and relaxed setting.

When scheduling your session think about who you are and places you are comfortable. The main goal is to put you two in your element. Let’s have some fun and make some great photos. Are you an urbanite or an outdoors person? Stuck on ideas for locations? Let’s brainstorm together!

Don’t think this can be done in 30 minutes. It might take you 30 minutes to be comfortable and then the real photos start to take shape.  Oh, we almost forgot, we choose the time based on the best light. Mid to late afternoons work best. We live for that magical light…

Do you offer print services?

As we advise in our free consultations every client is given a DVD of edited and toned images ready to be printed at a lab of your choice. However, we realize you don’t have time to be making prints for Aunt Millie in Wisconsin, so we offer secure online ordering in our photo store.

Anyone with a credit card can have prints delivered right to their door. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

How soon can I expect the goods?

Working in the news business for years we’re accustomed to a deadline driven world. We turn commissions around quickly with a goal of two weeks. We don’t cut corners, period. We have developed a sophisticated and efficient workflow. We’re amazed that some photographers take months to deliver photos, a belief we view as unfair to our clients and their guests. Plus, we will be sure to get you a half dozen or so images for social media sharing within a day of your wedding. That way everyone who missed out on the fun can get a sneak preview of the day and those who were there celebrating by your side can spark their memories.

What areas do you serve?

You want the short answer here…Where ever you’re getting married. We love exploring new places and photographing new faces. We’re located in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado area. If you are planning a destination wedding outside of Colorado you can still call on us. Destination wedding charges will apply, but as a rule of thumb it’s our standard price, plus airfare and reasonable accommodations and (we have to eat) expenses.

What equipment do we use?

We use Nikon Professional DSLR cameras, fast expensive lenses and sometimes various film cameras. We deploy various flash units when necessary. All post production is done on Macintosh computers.

We thank you for considering our services and we look forward to working with you!

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